RA Hospitality Services (I) Pvt.Ltd Testimonial

Ra Hospitality Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an award winning food and beverage company. We have three verticals: Ra Outdoor Catering, Ra Banquets and Mandi Restaurant.
We recently had an opportunity to work with Mr. Simha Shastry, CEO, Prime Events a Conferences, for a premium birthday party celebration. The whole event was conceptualized and executed by their tearn.
The event was a grand success, and while there are quite a few things lean talk about, in the interest of time and space available, I would particularly like to highlight a few.
The first thing that I would like to highlight¬† the “princess themed stage” that they had built. It was gorgeous, perfect, beautiful, grand….probably words are not enough to capture how I feel about it.
The second thing which impressed me was their “plan B” approach. Despite the client refusing to order for water proof tents, they still decided to carry a few tents, just in case It rained. This came in very handy when it started to pour heavily. Those few tents really saved the celebration. Lastly, they did all of the above and more with tremendous ease and grace. This is clearly a reflection of the 20 years or more that they have spent in this business.
Mr. Simha, it was great to work with you and your team ! I wish you all the very best for the future! And needless to say, I recommend Prime Events & Conferences to one and all with all my heart.

Vishal K Gupta
RA Hospitality Services (I) Pvt. Ltd